Though both of us were not interested in Ghost Stories, we still wanted to listen to horrified stories around that Cemetery which was located between the two villages; The Fair and The Sea, since we were sent there to work. The reason was the dirt road in front of the Cemetery. The road which cut the distance between two villages in half was rarely used, especially at night. And, we thought about using it to travel in curfew hours so we would not run into trouble with cops and night guards.

One evening we were invited to a dinner at a friend's house in The Fair village and did not attempt to go home until just right before midnight. And, there was a thunderstorm when we left the house. It was dark outside with rain, wind and thunder. Suddenly, there was the sound of a boat engine along with a shout from one of the night guards "escape, people escape" while we were a little more than 50 meters away from the dirt road.

Eventhough we both had nothing to do with those escapees, we did not want to get caught walking in curfews, 11PM-6AM, which sure led to bad consequences in a communist state like Vietnam. Therefore we were hurry up and ran into the dirt road and wished no one would have known it. However, there was another shout and that was definitely for us. "There're someones on the dirt road", yelled one of the night guards. "Get them".

We both ran like hell and tried to get to our Intern Sector at the other end of the road as fast as we could. However, there were a lot of gun shots in The Sea village when we were at the front gate of the Cemetery. Without exchanging a word, we both turned into the Cemetery and hid along the graves. There was a crowd of cops and night guards came within half an hour from both ends of the road and they surrounded the Cemetery. And, we had no choice but lay flat on the ground waiting for them to come in and arrest us.

However, they would not come in. They might have about ten guys but none dared to step into that Cemetery at night. Instead, they stood outside the fence and used their flashlights trying to look for us. Fortunately, we lay far away from the fence and the darkness and rain became our allies in the "hide and seek" game. At last, cops and night guards retreated to the front gate and we had no idea when they left the Cemetery.

Anyway, we were afraid that cops and night guards were still around and did not want to make any noise. Therefore, we lay dead for a while longer before we decided to crawl to a tomb at the center. The Cemetery had two big Tombs in the middle and we both hid in the Left Tomb at the down-wind to avoid the wind and rain. And, we both drowsed through the night within an hour after we settled in.

Both of us were suddenly awoken by the first cock-crow at early dawn. Eventhough we wondered why we were in the Right Tomb at the up-wind, none asked or said a word. We understood at the time that we might still be watched by cops and night guards; therefore, neither of us wanted to make any unnecessary noise but quietly headed to the rear gate of the Cemetery and went straight home.

That afternoon, when I saw the friend having different kinds of offerings on the table and about to worship someone, I ridiculed him. "I didn't know you'd like to worship". The friend took a long look at me and shot back.
- "You don't remember where we slept last night, do you???"
- "Sure, I remember", responded I. "We slept in the Cemetery".
- "Yeah, but we slept at one Tomb .. and awoke at the Other"
- "I thought you moved me???"
- "NO, I did not .. move you!!!"

To tell you the truth, I had thought about that since we awoke that morning. I thought the wind might have changed direction and my friend had moved me to avoid getting wet. However, my friend confirmed he did not do it. Could we both possibly sleep-walk that night? I did not recall any of us had ever done it before. Or someone had moved us. And, who was that someone??? Anyone knows...


Tombs are those of a young and rich married couple who got killed by commies, according to the people in both Villages.

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