Hung often stopped at the school library before he went to his class because the bus usually got him there about 7:30AM each morning. He came to America few months ago and had just attended that Community College for 3 weeks. Therefore, he did not know anyone, but Linh, the other Viet fellow in the Math class. Actually, they didn't talk to each other until after the first test in the day before. Linh seemed to have difficulties in Math and came right at him for help. And as promised, he would go over the test the next morning in the library.

Hung walked to the tables with 2 chairs each along the glass wall from which people could have the best view of the school back-yard. He often sat there each morning and Linh was told to look for him in one of those tables. However, he went straight to the back door that morning, instead of turning right to the tables, when he suddenly saw Linh with another guy. Linh apparently did not see him and was having fun chitchatting with her partner. And, he did not want to interfere in their conversation.

Anyway, Hung had an hour off that afternoon and went to the library after lunch. He again chose a table along the glass wall and hadn't decided what to study when Linh suddenly appeared with a smile on her good looking face. "Can I sit here with you", Linh asked. Hung nodded his head and Linh continued right after she settled down on the other chair. "I waited here for an hour this morning but you'd never come and I still could not work on the test by myself", Linh said. "I, however, found out something about you".

Hung just smiled in disbelief because he was in the first semester and did not know anyone. Linh, however, believed she knew something and asked him for a bet.
-"You'll have to stay and work with me on the test if I'm right about you", she said. "We have a deal?".
-"Go ahead, you little girl", he replied.
-"Don't call me that (little girl)".
-"You passed the school entry test with a high grade and were allowed to take courses in your major right away. And, you're taking 2 math classes with the same teacher. Am I right?".

Hung then had to skip 2 of his classes that afternoon to work Linh through the Math test and they started a friendship. They were together more often in the library and knew each other's schedule of classes. However, Hung still kept a distance because he sometimes saw Linh with the other guy on occasions. He meant to ask Linh about that but each time they were together, his mind kept pushing it to another time. Linh, however, was enjoyable and friendlier as they spent times together more and more.

Finally, that semester came to an end and they had the Math final at 8AM. They again came to the library early that morning and while Linh was concentrating in study, Hung looked to the school backyard and thought about their relationship. It had been really good so far; however, it could have been broke at anytime. There was another guy who obviously had an upper hand with nice suits and a fancy car while he was just a newcomer to the country with nothing. Anyway, he was very appreciated whatever Linh had offered and glad that their meetings had not encountered embarrassments, which might have had if the other guy had run into them. And after the final, he might no longer study with Linh and should not have to worry about that no more.

Hung got home late one night and about to take a shower when the phone rang. He tiredly picked up the phone and said hello.
-"You just got back from work, right?", Linh said. "I've called a few times".
-"How do you know my number?", he asked.
-"Oh, I asked a lady friend who works in the Financial Aids", Linh replied.
-"I'm going to sue your lady friend", he kidded. "By the way, what is your call for?".
-"Oh, I just want you to come over for dinner", Linh said.

Then Linh's voice was coylier at the other end. "Today is my Birthday, but my sister and the brother-in-law work overtime and I don't have anyone for dinner. Would you like to come?", Linh invited him. "Why don't you invite the other guy?", he asked and realized that was a mistake. However, that was the question he would have wanted to know but failed to ask each time they were together.

Linh did not say a word at the other end and they were both in silence for a while. Finally, Linh asked him who he meant by the other guy?
-"Oh, the guy who used to take you to school and was sometimes with you in the library", he said.
Linh suddenly broke in laugh and he felt a little jealous and thought about hanging the phone up. But Linh's voice came right back
-"Tien is my brother-in-law", Linh said. "He and my sister won't be home until sometime after midnight. Get ready! I come to pick you up in 20 minutes". Linh apparently knew his address, too.

At the beginning, Hung knew that there was a close relationship between Linh and Tien and he had been afraid to ask. That, however, could not turn out any better for him. He would like to have a minute to praise himself but he realized that Linh would have come at anytime and he needed to get ready. He then headed to the bathroom for a shower while whispering his most favorite love song.

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